Library Rules


  1. The library is available for all members (meaning members whose annual dues are paid in full for the current year) of Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers.
  2. Members who use the library shall agree to replace any lost or damaged items borrowed from the Library.
  3. Any members may donate items or lend items to the library.
  4. A member may borrow an item for up to three weeks from the Library.
  5. If an item that is lent to the Library is lost or not returned, or a contributing member leaves the group or becomes unreachable while having borrowed such an item, IAF shall reimburse the member who lent the item the value of the item up to $25.
  6. The cost shall be charged to the member’s account who is responsible for the loss of the item and shall be collected when and if the contributing member seeks to renew his or her membership.
  7. Members may request renewal of a title two times beyond the initial check-out period, for three weeks each, which the Librarian shall allow so long as there is no waiting list for the item.
  8. The Librarian shall have the following duties:
      1. Keep a complete inventory of all items in the Library, including which items are donated and which are lent and by whom.
      2. Keep track of who has borrowed what items and when.
      3. Keep a waiting list if necessary for any item with more than one request; requests shall be granted in the order they are received by email by the Librarian.
      4. Communicate with members who seek to borrow and return items on a timely basis by email. The Librarian shall have a specific email established for this purpose.
      5. Take care and host the items donated and lent to the Library.
      6. Report to the IAF board quarterly about any issues, recommendations, or problems.
      7. Provide any member who donates items a receipt for tax purposes should one be requested.
    • The Librarian shall be appointed by a majority vote of the IAF board and shall serve until either the board votes a new librarian or the current librarian quits.
    • The IAF board may discontinue the Library at any time. Any lent items shall be returned to the respective members who lent them. Donated items shall be donated in turn to a non-profit organization or library of choice selected by majority vote of the IAF board.