IOWA ATHEISTS and FREETHINKERS, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social and educational group working to provide a community of support and friendship for atheists, freethinkers, secular humanists, agnostics, and other non-religious people.

There are many interesting aspects to our organization. We arrange educational events, are active in community service projects, conduct charitable donation drives, and participate in activist actions related to the Separation of Church and State.

Want to know more about us? Use the menus directly above to learn more about our organization and the various ways in which you can participate.

Twitter Feed

IAF @Iowa_Atheists IAF Sunday Meetup 2016-07-03 11:00 Hyvee 1990 Grand Avenue West Des Moines https://t.co/3VBlAAYRba 4 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists IAF Blood Donation 2016-06-16 16:30 LifeServe Blood Center 431 East Locust Street Des Moines IA https://t.co/OQadbpXtzl 6 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Capital City Pride Booth 2016-06-12 09:00 Capital City Pride 220 E 4th st. Des Moines IA https://t.co/qX7aQfoIx0 7 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists IAF Appears on Local News Story https://t.co/xVIvSL9nQt 10 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists @UnitedCoR We've got pamphlets ready to hand out to Ray and his friends about what the founders said #ReasonRally16 https://t.co/zPRifnyiMI 12 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Spring 2016 Highway Cleanup https://t.co/zc0mOAHnN4 13 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Upcoming event: "A World of Contrasts: An Afternoon of Art vol. 2" on 2016-04-30 -- https://t.co/RiIsQGODI3 13 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Announcing the Jerry Carpenter Memorial Scholarship https://t.co/NqvLBz4mGK 13 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Upcoming event: "Happy Hour! " on 2016-04-27 -- https://t.co/JwTfprdXFX 14 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Highway Cleanup! on 2016-04-23 at 11:00 https://t.co/0f1Om1UQbp 14 weeks ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists Upcoming event: "IAF Sunday Meetup" on 2015-10-25 -- https://t.co/KJjNDBuMXI 1 month ago
IAF @Iowa_Atheists @_RoryMoe tweeted by Wahington Post reporter @katiezez #AtheistVoter https://t.co/pznBcR02Sr 2 months ago