What We DON’T Believe

It is often claimed by believers that Atheism is as much a religion as any other system of belief. This claim is impossible to support given that Atheism has no set dogma, no unified statement of principles and no organized structure to promote and enforce any dogmas or principles that may exist in the Secular world. Atheism is simply the rejection of truth claims where the supernatural is concerned. In America these claims generally fall under the ‘Christian’ category and, as such, the American variety of Atheism generally involves the rejection of any notion that the deity called God (or Jehovah if you prefer) exists and is active in the world. The Secular community is simply a community of people with individual perspectives and opinions on how to go about living a decent life absent the need for religion. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, but we all generally adhere to the idea that life is better lived without notions of faith and religious belief.


Here are some quotes from members of our organization regarding what Secularism means to them –

For me, being Secular means rejecting unfounded assumptions and adhering to a rational perspective of life that requires and demands credible evidence for any and all truth claims. It means rejecting dogma and resisting the urge to use ‘feelings’ as a means of informing my reality. – J