Reason on the Hill Day

You’re Invited!

Humanist Group Hosts Reason On The Hill Day at the Iowa State Capital

The Humanists of Linn County, the Iowa Atheists and Freethinkers and the Tri-State Humanists (Burlington) are happy to announce we are hosting Reason On The Hill Day at the Iowa State Capital Building on April 10, 2018 from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm. We have reserved the entire rotunda for the day so that secular organizations and supporters may set up table displays and provide information about their organization. HLC and IAF welcomes all secular and nontheistic Iowans to the Reason on the Hill Day, as well as our religious allies who support our mission. You may come by yourself and meet others from your home area for your lobby visits. Families and groups are also welcome. Teens and other young adults are highly encouraged to attend and make their voices heard.

Additionally, HLC member Joe Stutler will be giving a secular invocation in the Senate Chambers at approximately 9:00 am.

In-person lobbying from constituents is still one of the most effective methods for reaching elected officials. Representation of secular and nontheistic Americans is still very low in our State House, so we need as many secular and nontheistic people to speak up and tell their elected officials that they are voting, paying attention to the issues, and showing who they are. Only by directly participating in the system can we hope to change it. Reason on the Hill Day is a great opportunity to meet with your elected officials and exercise your Rights!

Please RSVP ASAP so we can plan the logistics.

Humanists of Linn County Contact:

Joe Stutler, Public Relations Director, 319-389-7888,


Critical Bible Study with Randy Henderson

Back by popular demand, IAF founding member and past President Randy Henderson presents Critical Bible Study. The keyword is “critical” as in revealing the misrepresentations, inconsistencies and contradictions of the Christian Bible. The topic will be determined by the group with the choice of either women’s roles in the bible or what the bible says about Hell. Feel free to bring a bible (yes, many of us still have one!) and food and covered drink is allowed in the Millie Knee room.

About Randy Henderson: Randy studied three years for ministry in a conservative Bible College called Manhattan Christian College in Manhattan, Kansas. He finished undergrad studies at Dana College in Blair, Neb. with degrees in Social Sciences and Religion. In the ’70’s he pastored a church that he helped found in Council Bluffs that was a non-denominational congregation that was Charismatic/Pentecostal. Masters degree in Psychology, Counseling with School Counseling endorsement from U. of Neb. Thirty years atheist and agnostic and currently with the American Atheists as Iowa state director and Freedom from Religion Foundation member.


IAF Memorial Day Picnic

Please join us for our annual Memorial Day Picnic! This is a family friendly event with playground attached to the Open Shelter area. Parking is off of E 33rd across from Catholic church. There are two tennis courts and half basketball court nearby along with hiking trails.

The IAF will provide the charcoal, plates, cups and utensils. Please bring a dish to share and something for yourself to grill. Alcohol and glass containers are not permitted in the city park and this is truly a family friendly event. We have our monthly Happy Hours for that!

*My sincere apologies for the confusion as to which of the two shelters in Grandview Park that we have reserved. Either I misunderstood or was given incorrect information over the phone back at the beginning of March. Still the same park, but a different shelter. -Rory


IAF Sunday Meetup

This is our regular, weekly, Meetup. Please come and join us for an interesting discussion on a variety of issues.


Iowa Day of Reason Proclamation by Kim Reynolds

Please note change of time to 1:30pm, May 23. (Arrive 15 minutes prior to that time.)

For the fourth year in a row secular Iowans will receive a Day of Reason Proclamation from the Governor and for the first time, Kim Reynolds. Due to scheduling conflicts we were unable to secure the formal signing ceremony on May 3, the actual National Day of Reason, thus the later May 23 date. The formal office is quite spacious and able to accommodate a large number of people for a photo op. Please join us to help illustrate that the number of non-religious people is the fastest growing demographic in America today!


Hawthorn Hill Homeless Shelter Spring Fundraiser

The Need Does Not End with the Holidays!

For the past few years Hawthorn Hill Homeless Shelter has been included as a beneficiary of the IAF Annual School Supply Drive.  We have provided general school supplies including backpacks stuffed with everything a child might need to assist in their education. Our 2016 donation also added a check for $500 for the shelter to use as they see fit. This donation then appeared in 

Hawthorn Hill’s annual newsletter which categorized the IAF along with churches, insurance companies, various business and individuals.

Because our 2017 School Supply Drive focused on science equipment, Hawthorn Hill did not receive a contribution from our group. Thus, we are instead having our first ever spring fundraiser dedicated to helping the good people at Hawthorn Hill! For our 2018 fundraising campaign we will increase the goal of our donation to $1000.

With your help Hawthorn Hill New Directions Shelter was able to assist 114 adults and 203 children in 2017. New Directions is one of only three homeless shelters available for families in the Des Moines metro area. We chose Hawthorn Hill as it is not overtly religious (you find no mention of religion on their website) and Executive Director Tim Shanahan has always expressed sincere gratitude for our previous years’ in kind and cash donations.

From their website:

“Hawthorn Hill’s mission is to establish and operate housing programs for homeless families with children that help them obtain permanent housing and to provide services to help families achieve economic self-sufficiency.”

Hawthorn Hill fulfills its mission through two programs that assist homeless families with children:

New Directions Shelter: Provides free, temporary, emergency shelter and services for homeless families with children.

The Home Connection: Provides permanent supportive housing for homeless families with children with an emphasis on helping the families attain financial independence.


Spring is a time for new beginnings and Hawthorn Hill provides a fresh start for families that have had the misfortune of losing everything. This could happen to any one of us! We are all just one medical emergency, loss of job, or loss of a provider away from finding ourselves in the same situation. Please help today to make a difference in the lives of so many families. Thanks for your support!

Hawthorn Hill Fundraiser

$600 of $1,000 raised
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Donation Total: $5


IAF Sunday Meetup

This is our regular, weekly, Meetup. Please come and join us for an interesting discussion on a variety of issues.


IAF Quarterly Member Meeting

This is our regular quarterly Member Meeting. Your participation with input and feedback is welcome and very much encouraged!

Be sure to bring laptop or tablet, notepad, pen, paper, etc. Food is allowed in this conference room along with covered beverages.


Call to Order
Verify Quorum
Approve Agenda
Approve Minutes of Previous Member Meeting

Officer & Committee Reports
1. Treasurer
2. IT
3. PR
4. Membership
5. Bylaws
6. Social Chair
7. Community Outreach
8. Scholarship 2018-19

Five Minute Break

New Business
1. Reason on the Hill-Final Preparation (April 10)
2. Farmer’s Market Booth (May 26, July 7, Sept 1)
3. Pride Parade/Booth (June 10)
4. IAF Tenth Anniversary Event
5. Vision for the Future

Schedule June Annual Member Meeting & Election



IAF Sunday Meetup

This is our regular weekly Meetup. Please come and join us for an interesting discussion on a variety of topics. This week we will discuss the Pew Research Center’s new polling that reveals atheists make up 10% of the US population and 16% of 18-29 year olds! Do you think Iowa matches these figures? That would represent app. 300,000 Iowans!

Here is the link: