IAF Election Nominations

Greetings Friends,

The date for the Annual Business Meeting has been set for the 27th of June, at which time IAF members will elect for a two year term a President, Treasurer and At-Large Board Member in addition to one year terms for the positions of Social Chair, IT Officer and Public Relations Officer in Charge of Communications. If you wish to nominate yourself or anyone else for these positions you must be a paid/paying member of the IAF organization. If you have your annual/monthly dues paid then you have until June 6th (tentatively) to submit nominations to me at the following email –


Between the 7th and 14th, a verification phase will be held, after which time the list of candidates will be presented to the voting members. Again, if you wish to participate in this election as a member of IAF, you must have your annual dues of $25 paid (or a sustaining monthly payment in place) before you can participate. For those who merely wish to vote, you must have your status in this regard confirmed with me no later than the day before the actual election.

A word about proxy voting – if you find that for some reason you are unable to attend the annual meeting, you may assign your vote to another individual to cast in your absence. You must have all proxy assignments registered with me by the day before the election and you must have informed the party in question of your assignment.

Thank you to everyone who has cast nominations thus far.


J. Holmes
2017 Election Officer

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