Critical Bible Study with Randy Henderson

By popular demand, IAF founding member and past President Randy Henderson presents Critical Bible Study! The keyword is “critical” as in revealing the misrepresentations, inconsistencies and contradictions of the Christian Bible in its many forms. Our next series is “What is the deal with Hell? Why was it invented, what are the problems with Hell and how do we combat the use of it by believers.”

Feel free to bring a bible (yes, many of us still have one!) and food and covered drink is allowed in the Millie Knee room.

About Randy Henderson: Randy studied three years for ministry in a conservative Bible College called Manhattan Christian College in Manhattan, Kansas. He finished undergrad studies at Dana College in Blair, Neb. with degrees in Social Sciences and Religion. In the ’70’s he pastored a church that he helped found in Council Bluffs that was a non-denominational congregation that was Charismatic/Pentecostal. Masters degree in Psychology, Counseling with School Counseling endorsement from U. of Neb. Thirty years atheist and agnostic with the American Atheists, formerly as Iowa state AA director and Freedom from Religion Foundation member.

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