Colors and Texture: An Afternoon of Art

Colors and textures have a profound, if sometimes unrecognized, impact on our day to day lives. Whether it’s the feel of a knitted blanket or the brilliant contrast of a bowl of oranges against a bare counter top, texture and color are everywhere. Learning how to be more mindful of these oft-hidden facets of our world can open us up in ways we never thought possible, broadening our horizons in new and interesting directions.

Come join us for a tour of the various exhibits the Des Moines Art Center has to offer on Saturday the 25th as we explore the intellectual side of texture and color. Of note at this time is a textiles exhibit called ‘Fiber Sculpture’ that explores color and form in relation to materials production. This exhibit only runs until August so take this opportunity to explore a truly wonderful display of color and texture in pleasing forms. For more on this exhibit and other features, visit the main website here<a>.</a>

We will meet at the Art Center at 1 PM and tour the galleries and grounds until the Center closes at 4 PM. Afterward, we can find an eatery or meeting place close by to discuss our observations and reflect on the experience we have just enjoyed. Feel free to bring a note/sketch pad with which to record your observations while touring the gallery. Everyone is reminded to observe Art Center policy with regard to conduct. The receptionist at the front desk will be able to explain the rules of the Art Center and gallery attendants will be on hand to further explain these rules should any issues arise.

Admission is free for all patrons but the Art Center does appreciate donations to it’s general fund. Feel free to contribute as you see fit by leaving a donation, no matter how small, in the box provided just inside the main entrance. We hope to see as many of you as possible.

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