Bad Christian Movie Night: “God’s Not Dead”

Join your fellow heathens to laugh, cringe, and groan for Bad Christian Movie Night featuring the super-popular film “God’s Not Dead”! Come see Kevin Sorbo play the bogeyman atheist intimidating his students into rejecting God! Be astounded by the complexities of the freshman’s arguments! Be in shock at the heartlessness of the godless businessman who rejects his girlfriend after she gets cancer! Soar in redemption and joy at the movie’s climax which absolutely proves God’s Not Dead!

Seriously though, God’s Not Dead is every Christian e-mail chain about liberal professors brainwashing students or the freshman schooling his professor on God’s existence (“And that student was Albert Einstein.”). The movie is a worthwhile experience is to discover what so many Christians think the world is like for them and what they think atheists are like. Remember that this is a movie that made over $60 million on a $2 million budget, so it resonates with many people.

Attendance is free. ¬†Popcorn, candy, and drinks will be provided as well. ¬†You needn’t suffer any more than necessary.

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