2017 IAF Election Results

Greetings Friends,

Another successful ballot is behind us. I want to thank all of the candidates for their participation this year.

As to the results, your new President is Rory Moe, your new Treasurer is Gwen Harvey, continuing in the At-Large position is Zach Aletheia, Tom Harvey is your new Social Chair, Jason Benell is once again your Press/Public Relations Officer and Zach Aletheia takes over as your IT Officer.

Congratulations one and all.

Just a note, the results of this ballot have created two vacancies on the Board – Vice-President and Secretary. They, the Board, intend to rectify these vacancies with a special election so if any of you are interested in vying for these positions via said election, stay tuned for the announcement from the next Election Officer.

This notice concludes my duties as Election Officer.


J. Holmes

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